The Soft Step™ anti-fatigue mat provides relief for long hours on your feet. Tapered channels direct fluid away to prevent buildup.

  • Reduces muscle fatigue during long surgeries or shifts
  • Maintains a high level of performance
  • Tapered channels prevent fluid build-up and puddles
  • Increases staff and patient safety

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Increase comfort and safety in the Operating Room, Sterile Processing Department and throughout the hospital with our line of anti-fatigue solutions.

The closed-cell construction of Xodus Medical's anti-fatigue mats helps delay the onset of muscle fatigue; a risk factor for hospital staff, clinicians and their patients. Our designs feature non-slip properties with built-in, tapered channels to prevent healthcare workers from standing in pooled liquids. Ultra-supportive materials allow for increased comfort, focus and safety.
Prolonged periods of standing within the hospital can contribute to health risks for healthcare workers and, as a result, their patients. Help reduce these risks with Xodus Medical's line of hospital-grade Anti-Fatigue Mats.

The Mirage

The Mirage
Anti-Fatigue Mat with Fluid Evacuation
Quantity: 6 / case

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