Single-Use Arm Board Strap

  • Soft material eliminates skin irritation
  • Hook and loop attachment provides a safe and secure fit
  • Latex-Free
  • Stretch resistent material ensures a secure hold throughout the procedure

Positioning Staps

Keeping Patients Safe and Secure

Xodus Medical provides an assortment of belts and straps to address various medical and patient positioning challenges.
Labor and Delivery Straps
Our Fetal Monitoring Straps are engineered to provide maximum comfort to the patient while securing CTG transducers. The buttonhole-style belt features an elastic material that affords adjustability while remaining soft to the skin. Transducers with winged/tabbed securement loops can be affixed with our soft-knit terry-style straps which feature velcro closures for adjustability. Select the option that is suited to your transducer type.
Knee and Body Straps
Strong enough to secure patients, yet gentle enough to deter redness or skin breakdown — these non-conductive, single-use straps reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination and allow for easy disposal. Washable, reusable straps are well-suited to emergency rooms, recovery rooms and patient transfer.

Knee and Body Straps

Single-Use Knee & Body Strap
Specifically designed for OR tables and gurneys, Xodus knee and body straps are made from soft and breathable fabric
Quantity: 16 / case

Large Body Belt
4" x 85"
Quantity: 20 / case

2 part body strap with hook and loop
35" x 4"
Quantity: 16 / case

Reusable Knee & Body Strap
Specifically designed for OR tables and gurneys
Quantity: 16 / case

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