Prolonged positioning products feature a full-length pad that help protect boney prominences

  • Soft, breathable, shape-conforming material minimizes risk of HAPI’s
  • No pressure on the head, neck, shoulders, heels, or sacrum eliminates post-operative redness
  • Reduces skin sheering and breakdown
  • Single-Use minimizes cross-contamination risk
  • Maximizes patient skin safety while minimizing non-reimbursed care costs – avoid preventable skin injuries and CMS Never Events
  • Replaces obsolete positioning devices that do not meet the critical demands of prolonged procedures
  • Minimal set-up and ease of use
  • Patented Material

Prolonged Positioning

Increasing Patient Skin Safety during long Procedures

The Prolonged Positioning family of products represent an advanced system so innovative and unique it has become the GOLD standard of care in the OR. This patented, clinically-preferred system eliminates skin breakdown while protecting nerves and boney prominences from pressure injury. The Prolonged Positioning family of products places no pressure on the head, neck, shoulders, heels, or sacrum.
The open cell patented material conforms to the patients contour while allowing for full body warming to maintain body temperature, which is critical during long procedures. It’s unparalleled softness and moisture wicking properties leaves no post-operative skin redness even after the longest of procedures. Our single use design minimizes cross-contamination risks.
Safe, comfortable and breathable makes it the right choice for prolonged procedures in Cardiac, Vascular, Craniotomy, Burns, Plastics and Transplants. Including high risk patients with High BMI, Elderly, Co-Morbidities, and Oncology patients


Pink Pad Ext Kits
PinkProtect Line


The Soft Step - Dark Green
Single-Use Small DermaProx™ Pad
The Oasis Multi-Mat
The Sahara™ Camel Mat - Maximum Absorbency Mat
Single-Use Bariatric Headrest with DermaProx Top Layer
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