Ready Room™ Turnover Kits increase OR efficiency and safety, save time and reduce the risk of cross contamination. See our preconfigured kits or customize one to your exact specifications.

  • Superior products mean greater efficiency — less tearing, less mess, and less cleaning
  • Helps you to comply with TJC requirements and AORN recommendations
  • Customizable to your specific turnover requirements means fewer wasted products and greater hospital savings
  • Several options for each component class

Ready Room™ Turnover Kits

Better Turnover Starts with a Commitment to Quality

Ready Room™ Turnover Kits safely increase efficiency during room turn over by using innovative, high-quality products within our customizable Ready Room kits.
The Camel™ Absorbent Table Cover combines absorbent polymer technology with skin-friendly material. This combination effectively wicks moisture away from the skin, helping to maintain its integrity and prevent HAPIs, increasing safety for your patients.
The soft, breathable armboard straps aid in protecting your patients against skin breakdown and cross contamination while safely securing the arms.
Thicker, more durable bags effectively contain surgical waste, linens, etc. while preventing rips and tears that can expose hazardous materials to patients and staff. These are available with a drawstring for easy, safe closure and in a variety of sizes and colors.
Several mop heads are available, including both traditional and flap mop styles.
Xodus Medical Ready Room™ Turnover Kits provide a customizable solution to increase efficiency and safety for each operating room and are vacuum packaged for easy storage.

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