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The Pink
Hip Kit®

The Pink
Hip Kit®

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Postless Patient Positioning


with and without post comparison


The Pink Hip Kit safely provides the counter-traction required to offset the force of hip distraction, gently holding the patient in place instead of leveraging the perineum against a rigid post. Patients are immersed and enveloped in the same unique material that revolutionized patient positioning. This skin-friendly material permits airflow and wicks moisture, eliminating post-operative skin redness.

counter traction example




The absence of the post delivers unobstructed visualization and access in C-arm imaging, yielding more thorough and efficient fluoroscopic exams.

enhanced c-arm imaging


The Pink Hip Kit enhances range of motion during joint manipulation, permitting a more complete dynamic exam without changing surgical technique.

hip rotation example
Pressure Map

Proven Pressure Management

In a study of 15 subjects ranging from 16-54 BMI (average BMI 35.5), the Pink Pad provided an average peak pressure reduction of 43%.

US Government Data1 show Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs):

  • Are the direct cause of death for roughly 60,000 patients each year
  • Add an estimated $43,180 in costs per hospital stay
  • Result in more than 17,000 medical lawsuits, annually (the second most common claim after wrongful death)
  • Increase hospital stays by nine days on average

Pressure Map
Images shown are of the same 30.85 BMI subject, on a solid surface, with and without the Pink Pad. Tests were conducted with an Xsensor Sensor Pad Model PX 100:48.144.02

Clinical Evidence

  • “Postoperative erythema was significantly less common on the Pink Pad…” 2

2 Read the Most Recently Published Pink Pad Research
  • “In the control group, 15 patients reported pudendal nerve neurapraxia with an average duration of 10 days... Two patients (4% of the males) in the control group reported erectile dysfunction of 4 months. None reported pudendal complications in the postless group.3

3 View the Study in the Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
  • “Transitioning away from using the typical setup for hip arthroscopy, all Duke hip specialists have adopted as best practice an innovative postless distraction system, which has been shown to cause fewer potential postoperative complications.” 4
     4 View the Duke Health article
  • “With failures of periacetabular osteotomy linked to postoperative impingement and the high incidence of intra-articular pathology in the dysplastic hip, there has been a great interest in combining hip arthroscopy with the periacetabular osteotomy. Here, we describe a technique for a single table, single drape, postless combined hip arthroscopy, and periacetabular osteotomy.” 5
     5 View the Study in Arthroscopy Techniques

What our Customers are Saying

In the time I've switched over to using The Pink Hip Kit, I've not had any reports of even temporary paresthesia related to what used to be from the traction post. So it's been a really nice advancement for the field and one of those advancements that truly does improve patient safety.

— Eric C. Makhni, MD MBA
     Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery
     Henry Ford Health System • Detroit, MI
     Team Physician, Detroit Lions


See The Pink Hip Kit in use and hear why surgeons are using The Pink Hip Kit to improve surgical outcomes and enhance patient safety.

Product Overview Featuring Dr. Harris, Dr. Lewis, Dr. Makhni and Dr. Mitchell

Pink Hip Kit Experience with Dr. Evanson

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