Positioning Essentials

Positioning Essentials

Single-Use Foam Products

Must-Have Solutions for Safe Patient Positioning

Orthopedic Positioning

Specialized Patient Safety Solutions

Xodus Medical is focused on making Orthopedic surgery safer with unique solutions that reduce the risk of HAPI formation and nerve damage, as well as increase procedural efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Hip Procedures

Shoulder Procedures


Knee Procedures


Anesthesia Positioning

Anesthesia Positioning

One-Step Face Protector #40589 - One-Step Face Protector

Improve Anatomical Support, Airway Management, and Protection Against Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs)

Xodus Medical's diverse line of Anesthesia positioning solutions provide your patients with ideal levels of support, skin protection, and airway management; helping you achieve safe surgery.

Prone Headrests

Supine Headrests


Specialty Headrests

Ocular, Lateral, NTI

The DermaProx Difference

DermaProx Pads

  • A necessity for every pressure injury prevention program
  • Meets recommendations set forth by the AORN Tool Kit for the Prevention of Perioperative Pressure Injury
  • Protects skin without the use of sticky adhesives; the removal of which may cause skin tears.


Breathable open-cell material

Improve HAPI protection with DermaProx™; a unique, skin-friendly material that provides a soft, breathable, immersive, enveloping and moisture-wicking interface between patients and surgical equipment.


Single-Use Positioning

General Positioning

Safe and supportive positioning essentials, each of which are:
  • Constructed with industry-leading, quality materials
  • Soft, breathable and supportive
  • Latex-free

Bariatric Positioning

Designed for the unique challenges of high-BMI patient positioning.
  • Ultra-supportive, high-density materials
  • Specialized, anatomically-correct designs
  • Skin-friendly and latex-free

Positioning Straps

Knee and Body Straps

Knee and Body Straps
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Strong enough to secure your heaviest patients, yet gentle enough to help prevent HAPIs. Available in multiple configurations.

Labor & Delivery Straps

Labor & Delivery Straps
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Soft, safe, and adjustable. Our Fetal Monitoring Straps are engineered to optimize patient comfort while securing CTG transducers.

Armboard Straps

Single-Use Armboard Straps
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Ideal solutions for safely securing patients' arms before and during a multitude of surgical procedures.



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