The Pink Reverse-T Kit

The Pink Reverse-T Kit

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Patient in Reverse Trendelenburg Position

Reverse Trendelenburg Positioning System

U.S. Patents: 8,464,720; 8,511,314; 9,161,876; 9,750,656; 9,782,287; 9,931,262; 9,949,883; 10,045,902; 10,285,890; 10,324,050; Additional Patents Pending

The Material Difference

Breathable open-cell material

The increasing prevalence of bariatric surgery brings with it a need for new, more advanced solutions for safe patient positioning. The Pink Reverse-T Kit is a comprehensive system designed specifically for high BMI patients, addressing patient safety challenges on a number of fronts.

Innovative Design

DermaProx Pink Peg Board Pad

The Pink Pad's patented material was developed and refined over a period of several years. It offers unparalleled softness, breathability, immersion, and envelopment characteristics that protect patients against HAPIs (Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries). Unique designs maximize anatomical support during surgery and contribute to improved post-op patient comfort.

Increase Safety with the
Pink Reverse-T Kit

No patient sliding

Safely Prevent Sliding

An innovative seat contour made of high-density, supportive material ensures anatomically correct positioning, while skin-friendly DermaProx Pink™ safely prevents unwanted movement in reverse Trendelenburg.

No patient redness

Reduce Risk of HAPIs

Unique, patented materials provide complete protection against HAPIs; minimizing non-reimbursed care costs by avoiding preventable injuries and CMS Never-Events.

No nerve injury

Create an Efficient, User-Friendly Standard of Care

The Pink Reverse-T Kit requires less than one minute to set up, while a single-use design minimizes cross-contamination risk and improves OR turnover times.

Pressure Map

Proven Pressure Management

The cost of treating Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs) is over $1 billion annually, with average increased hospital stays at nine days, and non-reimbursed treatment costs potentially exceeding $40,000 per patient.

In a study of 15 subjects ranging from 16-54 BMI (average BMI 35.5), the Pink Pad provided an average peak pressure reduction of 43%.

Images shown are of the same 30.85 BMI subject, on a solid surface, with and without the Pink Pad. Tests were conducted with an Xsensor Sensor Pad Model PX 100:48.144.02

Pressure Map

Reduce Time, Costs and Unnecessary Risk


Cost Effectiveness

  • Set up time under one minute saves your hospital up to $1,900 per procedure*
    *Based on OR billable time of $100/minute and an average set up time of 20 minutes for competitive systems.

Patient Safety Improvements

  • For each hour of duration of surgery, there was a 34% increase in the chance of SSI development1
  • The risk of pressure injuries increases by 40% every 30 minutes of surgery2
  • Prolonged anesthesia duration is associated with increased odds of complication, venous thromboembolism, increased length of stay, and return to operating room.3

What Our Customers are Saying...

With patients weighing 450 lbs or more, and BMIs in excess of 65, safe positioning can be a real challenge. Xodus Medical’s Pink Reverse-T Kit not only prevented our patients from sliding, but did so safely.

—  Alicia C, RN, BSN
   Surgical Services Manager
Hartford, KY

Our Most Popular Kits

40640 Pink Pad Reverse T Kit Contents
#40640 Includes
  • 1 Pink Reverse-T Pad w/ Posterior Support Contour
  • 1 Pair of Large Arm Boards - w/ DermaProx™
  • 1 Lift Sheet
  • 2 Sets of Skin-Friendly Body Straps
  • 1 Single-Use Adult Head Positioner
  • 1 #40548 Reverse-T Foot Board Pad (20"x12"x2")
  • Case Quantity: 2 kits
40643 Pink Pad Reverse T Kit Contents
#40643 Includes
  • 1 Pink Pad XL
  • 1 Pair of Large Arm Boards - w/ DermaProx™
  • 1 Lift Sheet
  • 2 Sets of Skin-Friendly Body Straps
  • 1 Single-Use Adult Head Positioner
  • 1 #40548 Reverse-T Foot Board Pad (20"x12"x2")
  • Case Quantity: 2 kits



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