Safely and effectively, ensures fog-free viewing

  • Specially formulated anti-fog solution will not damage the scope
  • No needles, syringes or vials needed
  • Adhesive backed for universal placement
  • Non-abrasive foam
  • Single patient use
  • X-ray detectable
  • Packaged sterile


Anti-Fog Solution

Lens fogging is often an issue during laparoscopic and robotic surgery as well as outpatient procedures such as endoscopy and colonoscopy. Maintaining optimal vision is crucial to operative awareness, efficiency, and safety. Fog-Guard™ specially formulated anti-fog solution effectively ensures fog-free viewing for increased patient safety, while also helping to avoid unnecessary interruptions during the procedure.
The solution can be used on endoscopic lenses, surgical cameras, glasses, goggles, and protective eyewear. Included in the kit is a soft, non-abrasive, X-ray detectable, foam pad with adhesive backing that allows for universal placement. No needles, syringes or vials needed. Additionally, each kit is packaged sterile and single patient use.
Product Dimensions: 2" (L) 6 cc bottle;
1.85" x 1.8" x .187" Blue Ester Foam w/ Adhesive


Anti-Fog with Pad

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