Laparoscopic Tips include L-Wire, J-Wire, J-Hook, L-Hook, L-Hook with Extended insulation, Curved Blade, Straight Blade and Round Spatula.

  • PTFE coating reduces eschar buildup and easily wipes clean with a sterile sponge, saving valuable O.R. time
  • Fully-insulated shaft reduces risk of stray current or unwanted burns
  • Single-use means no insulation breakdown associated with reusable tips
  • Available in 33 cm. and 44 cm. length in hand and foot control

Laparoscopic Electrodes

Preventing Injury during Electrosurgery

Maximize patient safety by utilizing premium quality, single-use electrodes. Each electrode is individually tested prior to packaging to ensure peak performance. Fresh, premium insulation materials eliminate the risk of damage incurred during sterilization and reprocessing of reusable devices. Compromised insulation may permit stray-site burns or thermal necrosis of non-targeted tissue; potentially leading to peritonitis or even death.
Our high-potential stress testing eliminates these risks for the hospital as well as the patient. In addition to the safety advantages of our single-use Laparoscopic Electrodes, surgeons prefer our premium PTFE coatings for their resistance to eschar build-up, protection against flaking, consistent coagulation, and more precise cuts.


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3cm Tungsten Micro-Needle with Smooth Extended Insulation
The Mojaveā„¢ Camel Mat - Ultra Absorbency Mat with cutout
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