• Non-smearing, quick drying, permanent black ink markers are the ideal solution for medication labels
  • Prep-resistant ink provides an effective means for correct site marking
  • Quick drying permanent black ink for use on bowls, basins and labels
  • Convenient built-in measuring system on markers in centimeters and inches
  • Skin-friendly ink contains no heavy metals or Latex making it completely non-toxic, non-tattooing, and non-irritating
  • A variety of styles and options to meet your specific needs

Surgical Markers

Xodus carries a full line of markers for surgical skin marking, correct site marking, medication and general marking. With different tip styles and the option to include a ruler and medication labels, you’ll be sure to find the perfect marking solution. When ordering, please refer to the chart to make your selection.
Correct Site
Our correct site markers provide a safe and effective means for marking the operative site and comply with TJC’s Standards for Correct Site Surgery. Prep-resistant ink will not wash off regardless of the type of prep solution used and is non-toxic, non-tattooing, non-irritating and non-smearing.
Skin Markers
Indelible prep-resistant gentian violet ink provides an effective means for skin marking with a built-in measuring ruler on the marker in centimeters and inches. The skin-friendly ink doesn't contain heavy metals or Latex making it completely non-toxic, non-tattooing, non-irritating, or non-smearing. A non-rolling ergonomic design makes for easy and accurate marking. Additionally, the markers are incinerable and available sterile and non-sterile in custom trays and packs.
Permanent markers feature a non-toxic, non-smearing, quick-drying permanent black ink for use on bowls, basins and labels They are available in regular tip which are great for bowls and basins, and fine tip which are perfect for medication labels. Additionally, a smaller, dedicated Medication Label Marker is right-sized for label packs, as the non-smearing ink aids in reducing potential medication errors.
Dual Tip
Two styles of Dual Tip Markers are available — Dual Tip Skin Marker with indelible prep-resistant gentian violet ink for use on skin only, or Dual Tip Skin and Permanent Marker with prep-resistant gentian violet and permanent ink. Quick drying permanent black ink makes them perfect for bowls, basins, and labels. Choose from regular and fine dual tips.
Product Dimensions: Length 5.5"

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