The Pink Pad® Advanced Trendelenburg Patient Positioning System safely prevents patient sliding in the steepest table inclination without pressure injury to nerves and skin.

  • Safely eliminates unwanted patient movement
  • Soft, breathable shape-conforming material minimizes risk of HAPIs
  • No pressure on head neck or shoulders eliminates chance of brachial plexus nerve injury
  • Single-Use minimizes cross-contamination risk
  • Minimal Set-Up and Ease of Use - Under 1 minute
  • Replaces obsolete positioning devices that do not meet patient positioning demands of new advanced procedures. (i.e., gel, bean bag, shoulder restraints, braces, and tape)
  • An advanced positioning system for use with gynecological, colorectal, urological, and general procedures in robotic, laparoscopic and open surgery
  • Holds ten US patents and one European patent
  • Maximizes patient safety while minimizing non-reimbursed care costs — avoid preventable injuries and CMS Never Events

"Thanks for making a great product! We have been using your "Pink Pad" for at least 6 months for our Robotic GYN cases. We love how quickly and easily the pad is attached to the table. The pad works great at preventing the patient from sliding on the OR table while in a steep Trendelenburg position. The strap across the chest just adds that little extra assurance that the patient won't slide. Since using the Pad at our facility our doctors have requested the product to be purchased at the other facilities they work at. They are so impressed with your product. We love the "Pink Pad" and refuse to try anything else. It's our Product of Choice."

-Melissa Harbison RN, Robot Coordinator Methodist Richardson Medical Center
“Every once in a while, a new product comes along that is extremely useful and practical. Your new Pink Pads provide the stability we need for special procedures. The straps allow us to secure the pad with ease and in a timely manner. In addition, it eliminates the need for other equipment such as shoulder pads. This allows for increased patient safety, which is our first concern. The Pink Pad also decreases skin friction. This is very beneficial to those who are already compromised by poor circulation or skin breakdown. Additionally, we really appreciate the heat retention to the patient's torso. This is very beneficial to the patient's healing process. All in all, the ease of use and the application make this a desirable product."

-OR Staff Mary Lanning HealthCare
"We successfully completed a robotic-assisted laparoscopic total hysterectomy on a patient that was 147 kg with a BMI of 46. THE PINK PAD held the patient for the duration of the procedure and we were very pleased with the product."

-Brett Hilliard CRNA Winnie Palmer Hospital for Woman and Babies
"The Pink Pad is the best solution I have found to prevent a patient's slipping on the OR table while in steep Trendelenburg position during laparoscopic or robotic surgery. Set up is quick, pressure points are well padded, patients do not slip, and we avoid the potential morbidity of shoulder supports.”

-Terry A. Harrison, M.D. Gynecologic Oncologist, San Diego, California

Maximizing Trendelenburg Safety

Advanced Trendelenburg Patient Positioning System

The Pink Pad family of products represents an advanced Trendelenburg positioning system so innovative, that it holds multiple U.S. and European patents. This patented, clinically-preferred system eliminates patient sliding, while protecting skin and nerves from avoidable injury. The Pink Pad places no pressure on the head, neck or shoulders, eliminating the risk of injury to brachial plexus nerves.
The material of the Pink Pad has been specially-developed for direct skin contact and is what gives the Pink Pad its holding power and unparalleled softness that leaves no post-operative skin redness. It molds and conforms to the patient’s contour to prevent unwanted patient movement. This breathable, skin-friendly material also negates the risk of hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs).
The Pink Pad family provides superior performance in high-BMI cases, and its single-use design minimizes cross-contamination risks. With a setup time of under a minute, the Pink Pad family of products is also friendly to the bottom line, saving valuable OR time in setup and room turnover.
The open-cell structure permits heat transfer from warming devices and energy to grounding pads. Additional products extend the protection provided by the Pink Pad as part of complete, ready-to-use kits.
Safe, comfortable and affordable — the Pink Pad is the right choice for all procedures requiring the Trendelenburg position: gynecological, colorectal, urological, and general surgery performed laparoscopically, robotically or as an open procedure.


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The Pink Pad XL with Standard One-Step Arm Protectors
The Pink Pad XL with Standard One-Step Arm Protectors and Head Positioner


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