Camel™ Line mats all feature a polymer material that enhances absorption and prevents fluids from dripping.

  • Keeps the floor clean, dry and safe from slips
  • Non-slip backing securely keeps the mat in place on the floor — even when wet
  • Helps infection control by reducing contamination risk
  • Saves money by helping prevent falls in the workplace and reducing OR cleanup time
  • Available in several sizes and three absorbency levels
  • Can be used in the OR, at scrub sinks, in the Sterile Processing Department, and in Labor and Delivery

Fluid Containment Mats

Camel Line - Keeping your OR Dry as a Desert

The Camel™ line of fluid management mats is the first line of defense against OR injuries and the spread of infection. The top layer is embedded with a fluid-absorbing polymer that keeps fluid in the mat, not on the floor. The second layer is a liquid-proof poly barrier that acts as a secondary measure of fluid retention. The bottom is layered in a non-slip material to keep the mat secured — even when wet. These features combine to create a product like no other.

Camel Covers

XL Fitted Camel™ Mat
74" x 24"
Quantity: 6 / case

Regular Fitted Camel™ Mat
34" x 24"
Quantity: 20 / case

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