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Innovative Laparoscope Cleaning & Defogging

Learn why surgeons are using the See Sharp to enhance efficiency, improve surgical outcomes and increase patient safety.
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Patents: 10,080,488 and 10,575,722
Additional Patents Pending

Better Visualization

LAPAROSCOPIC VIEW before and after
More effective cleaning and defogging for improved, longer-lasting visibility.

Perfect Temperature

Safe for use with modern, robotic laparoscopes. Thermostatically-maintained temperatures extend battery life, improve performance.

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At home on any sterile field. Can be connected directly to 5mm and 12mm trocars for streamlined cleaning exchanges. Environmentally friendly, compact design.


Streamline cleaning exchanges by eliminating the need to pass instruments to-and-from the surgical site. Reduce SSI risk, improve surgical efficiency and increase the ability to focus on what matters most: the safety of your patient.


Consistent, reliable performance, even in surgeries lasting up to five hours. An on/off switch to wait out delayed cases, eliminating the need to open multiple units per procedure. Innovative, internal seals to prevent fluid leakage: the See Sharp is designed from the inside-out to maximize value and help achieve optimal surgical outcomes.

The See Sharp is a novel concept that has produced tangible, positive impacts on the efficiency of our procedures, the quality of our visualization, and ultimately, the safety of our patients. Simply put, it has redefined our laparoscopic cleaning and defogging process. I highly recommend it.

— Dr. Aditya Gupta
     Director of Bariatric Surgery
     Chicago, IL

The See Sharp made clear improvements to our visualization: better imaging that required less cleaning to maintain. It saved us time and increased the quality of our care.

— Dr. Derek Brenda
     Head of Surgery - Pelham Medical Center
     General Surgeon - Spartanburg Medical Center

A Place For


Each See Sharp Kit contains a See Sharp unit, high-performance anti-fog solution, a microfiber cloth, and trocar swabs with safety rings to eliminate retained-instrument risk. Backup supplies included should sterility be compromised.

And Everything

in its place

Compact, stackable, easy-to-open packaging maximizes storage flexibility and convenience.

The See Sharp is an innovative approach to laparoscope cleaning and defogging — providing a sharper view of patient safety.

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